Our brand promise guarantee is that, if you...

  1. Show up fully to the design process

  2. Provide all the assets (copy, photos, etc.) we need

  3. Provide design feedback in a timely manner (within 24-48 hours of delivering a design and/or request for review)

... then we will get the High Level Design Direction (overall branding, look & feel, flow of the page) of your Homepage (the first page we design) into a state that you are excited about within 3 revisions (The initial draft design + 2 more revisions). 

If you are unhappy with the high-level design direction after the 3rd revision, we will refund your project fee in full.*

Also, if you request a refund in full before your Creative Assessment Call (before we begin creative consulting and design implementation work), we will refund your project fee in full at that time.**

In any other scenario, payments are non-refundable. That includes initial-deposit or any materials costs paid for by our agency in advance of scheduled payments.

*   Subject to and superseded only by the signed and binding Approval to Proceed Agreement
** Unless otherwise stated in the signed and binding Approval to Proceed Agreement


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